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$CRUX Tokenomics

$CRUX is a non-inflationary fungible token minted on the Cardano blockchain. Please read the Litepaper carefully before buying.​

Market Cap (ADA)

Available to trade in

PolicyID: 6d80a73c2510b0809743b76d8bfbdbcb24f3c1c573acabdbd4dadb5d

Token Distribution

Oferta Pre – ICO
Oferta ICO - Q3/2022
Ecosystem Incentives
inWer Crux Team

Steps to buy $CRUX

Through an inWer fund (3 steps)

We generate and manage a Cardano wallet for you. 

1. Open your free account 

2. Transfer crypto to your account

3. Subscribe to the fund 100% CRUX, or an inWer fund composed partially by $CRUX. 

From your self-managed Cardano wallet (11 steps)

1. To be able to buy $CRUX, you need ADA in your Cardano wallet. 

2. In case you don't have a Cardano wallet, you can generate one (managing your own keys) with Eternl, Nami, Daedalus, or another Cardano wallet compatible with Native Tokens.

3. Access to one of the Exchanges where $CRUX is available (CEX or DEX). In this case we're using Minswap.

4. Once you're logged into the web app, connect your wallet to enable access and exchange the pair ADA / CRUX.

5. Confirm by clicking Connect To Site. 

6. Enter Trade on the top menu.

7. Click Select a token combo box and type CRUX. Once CRUX appears select it.



8. Enter the amount you want to buy in ADA or CRUX.

9- In case a red frame appears, click "I want to swap with a price impact higher than ...".

10. Verify transaction information and confirm by signing the transaction with the connected wallet.

11. Once the transaction is confirmed, you're going to receive a notification. In case of error verify the information entered. For further support contact the Exchange via their support channels.